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Hello, my name is Angelia aka "Uptpown Couture".

Goals: Offering you great designers sich as Michael Kors, Coach, Betsey Johnson, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Burberry & MORE!! I sell a plethora of Great items! Variety at it's BEST!

I offer Fast shipping, Care with every order, a TRUE Mom & POP Business-like Experience & Timeless / Modern Items at UN-Beatable prices!

I also LOVE selling Designer Eyewear & making it accessable to all at just a fraction of the retail! As a lady that wears daily perscription glasses, myself, I understand how important it is to not to just settle! It is an extention of your identity so you should be able to get what YOU want! I can happily make that happen to the best of myt ability offering them to you at mostly 100$ + off!

If you are ever loooking for ANYthing in that area, please contact me as I have an AMAZING selection for you.

About Me..
I am a Happy Mother of 6 Beautiful Babies! Yes, I said it, SIX Gorgeous Children! Many call us the “ Brady Bunch” as we are a missed family of 3 Boys & 3 Girls! It is a Blast!

I am also a Fashion lover :) A Deal Seeker! (I got pretty good at it with all of these kids... LOL)

I truly enjoy the hunt & making it possible to get great items at a lower price!

I feel that it is important to be able to feel and look your best even with such great responsibility. As a woman, it is very important to feel this!

We have a ton on our plates & it is easy to sometimes forget… I like to remind women & gentlemen, too that we do deserve that little extra sometimes!

Knowing that with my finds, as I pass them to you, brings a smile upon your face makes my day!

Helping Ladies Like myself & extending that love to others has made this so much fun! It means something to me!

I am personally constantly busy doing something or going somewhere. I do a lot for others, not because I have to but because I love to.

As a Mother, Wife, Sister & Daughter, I feel that we need to give ourselves plenty of special attention!

It elevates our mood and makes us Better at everything we do. There is nothing wrong with being busy and feeling Fantastic...It is OK to make that time & get within moderation of course the things you have hoped for... You deserve a little gift for yourself every now & then…: D

I also come from a strong Military Family & love the fact that I have grown up that way, still living it today as my husband is a veteran, and we have a certain code of ethics & personal laws that we abide to in daily life making us a great reliable source for you.

You will always know what to expect from us & will feel comfortable as we are a bit “old fashion” with our values. If you come from Military backgrounds in any way, I am sure you understand what I am talking about! If not, I will show you!

Get ready to be spoiled with a true “MOM & POP” buying experience, excellent communication & reliability! Not just one time but every time! Why? Because that is who I am & we are!

We are very inter-personal! Most of our regular buyers know & LOVE this! Yes, do not be surprised if I remember your name or if I know your favorite color. You may get a little gift from time to time or a Birthday card… Over time this does happen! Your repeat business means so much & is greatly appreciated. YOU are our shareholders! We invest out time into your happiness!

Enough about us… “) I have started an Online Stores on several sites but I am in hope to make a selling "Home" with Odzbodz!

I have high hope for this fantastic site & am willing to bring what it takes to make a fantastic impression & develop a great trustworthy reputation here.

I am really looking forward to this opportunity & hope you will welcome me & US (Family of 8) with open arms! We are here to be of service to you with fantastic items, Variety, Friendly service & speedy shipping!

I love to find gorgeous items to Offer here to you! I have been selling online for many years now & absolutely love it! My family & I do this together & it gives us an excuse for quality time… It is very nice!

I have hopes of building this into something more in the future. I am currently working on something really special with two of my sisters! It is in the works but I still have a lot more work ahead! One day at a time & I’m saving up for it all!

I have a lot of fun with my home business. It makes me feel good bringing something to the table & Gives me plenty of time with my young ones, husband & older, alike!
That's Me :) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

My Seller Policies are as follows........
Note: My policies are very " cut & dry". I am a straight forward person & will always offer you that respect. Some do not like this and I respect that but most prefer it since they will always know & understand where we are at. I have no secrets & I am very direct. Some may consider my policies a bit hard but they are put in place for reasons. It does not mean that I am not a super sweet Gal! :D

It is always the buyers’ responsibility to view all pictures, to read all descriptions, familiarize themselves with the USPS shipping times & my policies. I do not return items after a 2 Day period. I feel that is Opt time to contact me from the comfort of your home immediately after you receive your item. We know at that moment if it is up to Par or not. There is no reason it should take more than that to decide. I also do not offer returns for buyer’s remorse or bend because the buyer did not fulfill their responsibilities. We are all adults & it is important to you for me to fulfill my end & It is important for me for you to fill in yours. It is unfortunate that I actually have to write this but I have learned through my years of selling online, it is necessary.

I also ask for you to please offer me respect as I would offer you. I am simply a re-seller. I am not a wholesaler. There is a difference. I do not approach another in a negative tone & prefer the same treatment. Communication is always the key in any situation.

Please also note that I have a smoke free & pet free home. Some of the items are “Estate Fresh” meaning that they are cleaned & in Great conditions but I can’t 100% guarantee that they came from a home like mine.

I keep them in perfect conditions at MY home, taking excellent care of any item that enters this door but I have no control over where they were before.

I am not liable if I missed a dog hair (Though everything is carefully looked over & again Cleaned BY ME unless specified in the listing.) I am not liable if there is a cigarette smell from a previous owner, though I always do my very best to prevent these things from leaving until I feel they are up to PAR.

I can smell it & my youngest son is VERY sensitive to it so MOST of the time it is taken care of. To Error, (though again, I do my best to make this limited) is human. Please notate this. As I said, I am ALWAYS honest with you. This may never be a problem at all & honestly I have not had many ever... But it is put here out of respect. This goes for both New & pre-carried. The only items I fully have control over are the ones that I have purchased from the stores, myself & have only been through MY hands.

I offer you the best of the best & drive miles from Miami to Atlanta to find threes deals for you! I am so happy to build a great report with you & hopefully be your number one “Go To” for all your designer needs.

If you need something Gift wrapped, Just ask. I can more than likely do it for you. I can offer you many services that others may not because I am have the ability. I love to make sure your needs are met & will go above & beyond for you... YES... YOU!

IF you are looking for something rare of specific, I am your lady! It can be Coach, MK, Betsey Johnson or pretty much any designer favored. I will put out the word & do my best to find you the item you are looking for. I am always just a message away if you have any questions at all about anything.

Thank You so much.

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