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BUYING - Can I search for an OdzShop by name?
BUYING - How much are bidding increments?
BUYING - I Just Placed a Bid on a 30 Day Auction and Now it Says 7 Days Left
BUYING - I live in Canada. Why can't I buy certain items?
BUYING - What can I do if I have a problem with a purchase or never received it?
BUYING - What is Shill Bidding?
FEES - Are there any auction set-up fees?
FEES - How much are the final value fees?
FEES - How Much are the Store Set-up fees?
FEES - How will it work when the Home Page and Category Page Featured Item Fees are reinstated?
FEES - Why Do I Receive Payment Reminders When I have Not Reached My Credit Limit?
GENERAL - Can an unregistered guest buy anything?
GENERAL - Can I change my user name?
GENERAL - Can I find OdzBodz or the Land of Odz on Social Medias?
GENERAL - Can I have more than one account?
GENERAL - Do you share my information with any third party entities?
GENERAL - Does OdzBodz Auctions offer Buyer or Seller Protection?
GENERAL - How can I retreive my password?
GENERAL - How do I contact another site user?
GENERAL - How do I leave feedback?
GENERAL - How do I report a user for abuse or harassment?
GENERAL - How do I Report an Item
GENERAL - May I ask for feedback?
GENERAL - What is the Land of Odz?
GENERAL - What would be considered abuse or misuse?
GENERAL - Where is OdzBodz Auctions Online, Inc. located?
GENERAL - Why am I unable to find my old account?
GENERAL - Why didn't my payment get credited to my account?
GENERAL - Why Is my account suspended?
GENERAL - Why is the site down after midnight on some occasions?
LAND OF ODZ - How do I Get to the LAND OF ODZ?
LAND OF ODZ - What is the Land of Odz?
PROMOTIONAL TOOLS - How do I use the Pin It Hover Button?
PROMOTIONAL TOOLS - What Else Can I do to Promote My Store?
RESPONSIBILITIES - Do I have to or will OdzBodz Report my Sales Income to the IRS?
SELLING - Are there any shipping requirements for sellers?
SELLING - Can I Sell Drop Ship Merchandise on OdzBodz?
SELLING - How do I describe the Condition of my Items for Sale
SELLING - How do I use the postage calculator?
SELLING - I can't upload my photo. What should I do?
SELLING - I Just Listed an Item for 30 Days and Now it Says 7 Days Left
SELLING - Is there anything I cannot sell on OdzBodz Auctions Online?
SELLING - Using Title and Description Key Words
SELLING - What are my shipping choices?
SELLING - What are the guidelines for selling designer items?
SELLING - What is My Credit Limit as a Seller?
SELLING - What payment forms are available for sellers to take?
SELLING - What payment method does OdzBodz Auctions accept?
SELLING - What Photos Can I Use?
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